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New Releases Every 3 Weeks
Tracks are released in parallel on YouTube this website and streaming services a week or so later.
Check back often
The tracks are kept short for YouTube but if you are working on a project that requires extended versions get in touch and we can discuss your project.
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https://youtu.be/M1_rOpTX0VQ ‘Legacy’ is an emotional and wistful orchestral track  combines intimate vocals and uplifting orchestral scoring . This piece was made to be used as

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After The Rain

https://youtu.be/t2EpHKv2gs4 “After the Rain” is an emotional track with haunting choirs, warm, lush strings and soaring brass! This orchestral track  combines the sounds of cinematic

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Winter’s Flame

https://youtu.be/QLlH9PNdeeo Winter’s Flame is an uplifting hybrid orchestral track that combines the sounds of cinematic movie scores, modern pulsing synths with the grandeur of classical

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