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New Releases Every 3 Weeks
Tracks are released in parallel on YouTube this website and streaming services a week or so later.
Check back often
The tracks are kept short for YouTube but if you are working on a project that requires extended versions get in touch and we can discuss your project.
Here We Stand - Album Art

Here We Stand

https://youtu.be/dPjmV-Oa4Qw ‘Here We Stand’ is a powerful hybrid orchestral track that combines vocals, synths and orchestral textures to deliver an inspirational call to action. This

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‘Beyond The Ashes’

https://youtu.be/sOK9K-yyf84 Beyond the Ashes is an energetic and bombastic adventure, evoking the high seas and Pirates. Heavily featuring the horns, Tin Whistles and choirs and

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You're Not Alone

You’re Not Alone

https://youtu.be/PHgV2SbQfw4 You’re Not Alone is a remix of the instrumental Track -‘Reverence’. This has added vocal and lyrics. This piece was made to be used

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