New Release

“I don’t want to wake up” is a personal piece of music in memory of a very special woman who passed away far to young. This song explores the dream world where we can all be with our loved ones and the often powerful feeling of not wishing to wake up to reality and leave them there.

This is still free to be downloaded but must NOT be changed in any form. Credit must be given if used or posted elsewhere.

Where We Belong

Where we Belong is an orchestral backed song. Choirs, brass, synths and soaring strings! This piece was made to be used as a background music

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Music and CC BY 4.0

Robo Music Studios has one aim and that is to enjoy writing music and hopefully have others make use of and enjoy it also. That is why all the music on this site is available for free download. The link above explains the CC BY licence.

But in short – use it for anything you like but you must credit me and you can not copyright or claim the music to be your own.